Alice Alder

The Collection
Thursday 26 May 2022 10:00AM
Monday 20 June 2022 4:00PM

The Bond Store, ArtGeo Cultural Complex 4-6 Queen Street, Busselton.
"Vincent Van Gogh was once said, “…paint
runs through my veins”. This phrase has always resonated deeply with me. I
can’t imagine a time in my life where a brush has not been in my hand. I may
not have always reached for oil paints but I have always responded to the
current life happenings through the expression of the arts. Having Dyslexia I
have not always been able to express myself verbally that captured my response
to the moment. But with painting, I don’t have to over think in the moment I
can simply be and the work flows freely.

My latest collections of art works show a capsule of the last 12 months of highs
and lows – the response to the even changing world around."