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Friday 14 May 2021 10:00AM - Tuesday 15 June 2021 4:00PM
My new found interest, working with watercolour medium, I find the soft clear colours are to my liking, it flows with how I am feeling and is aligns with my passion for nature and gardening, flowers and leaves being my main subject, ( just to capture the light )

I am a life member of the Busselton Art Society and a regular contributor to Art in the Park, and many other exhibitions, winning many awards.

I was also on the committee of the Busselton Agricultural Society Art Section for 12years.

I hope you enjoy this exhibition as much as I did paintings it for you all
Julie Fowell
How we evolve and continue to be resilient in difficult times, the paintings and prints reflect the ideas of escape, other-worldliness, and expression of different moods.
The work is influence by recent times of the pandemic. We are facing uncertainty, events change daily, and we adapt accordingly. The effects of lockdowns, fear, and isolation is global. I fear for friends overseas, disappointment over plans for overseas art residencies cancelled. I am not getting any younger, putting things off is not ideal.
Originally the idea of hope was personal, as an older person how do I evolve and adapt to the changing times and create new works that reflect moods of the time and their associated emotions. How Older People Evolve with H_O_P_E in mind, I started using automatic drawing and painting directly onto the canvas as it is without a plan. Spontaneity of composition, dreaming, allowing my Imagination and intuition guide my direction. Seemingly random shapes and lines start creating conversations. I start to see meaning in shapes and moods that infect the next action. Without any specific image in mind, some deep emotions seep onto the canvas and excite my imagination. The subconscious, intuition, physical and emotional memories come into play. Sadness, mystery, fear, and chaos, in the collision of colours and shapes.
Sometimes reflecting on the joy of a beautiful day in the garden or a fond memory, following the loss of a friend, has been captured by the colours and compositions.

The etchings explore tonal value, colour theory and colour psychology. Translating my multi coloured abstract paintings to tonal studies on copper plates. Etching plates are inked up and wiped with a dominant deep colour, then a vibrant complementary colour is rolled over the plate then printed. Overlaying complementary colours causes the under colour to change to a chromatic darks. Orange rolled over Phthalo blue, Magenta rolled over Phthalo green, Yellow rolled over indigo purple. Each resulting print will be different and have its own character. I felt these prints took the paintings to a different expression of emotion, loss, grief, chaos, fear. The act of printing in this way created uncertainty in the outcome.