Nothing Lasts

The installation has been created especially for this exhibition! Also on display will be the 'People of Busselton' captured in portraits during Lorraine's time as the artist in residence at ArtGeo.

nothing lasts - live in the moment
nothing is finished - keep open for new possibilities
nothing is perfect - it's an illusion in the eye of the beholder

Lorraine is an internationally accomplished artist whose work is of autobiographic nature, investigating human condition, connection, communication and intuition through play with rhythm, balance, space and materiality. Lorraine describes her works as architectural vessels of personal communication containing seeds of thought; driven by the currents and tides of life, anchoring concepts in reality.

She has worked across many oceans and has been an official sculptor representative for the United Kingdom at arts symposiums in Canada, USA, Germany, Norway and Finland. Her sculptures and paintings are part of several collections worldwide including commissioned works commemorating the 4oth year of reign of Queen Elizabeth II.
Bond Store

Friday 14 May 2021 10:00AM - Tuesday 15 June 2021 4:00PM
My new found interest, working with watercolour medium, I find the soft clear colours are to my liking, it flows with how I am feeling and is aligns with my passion for nature and gardening, flowers and leaves being my main subject, ( just to capture the light )

I am a life member of the Busselton Art Society and a regular contributor to Art in the Park, and many other exhibitions, winning many awards.

I was also on the committee of the Busselton Agricultural Society Art Section for 12years.

I hope you enjoy this exhibition as much as I did paintings it for you all

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