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After The Burn Off In Quinniup
Carol Thompson
Medium: acrylic on linen canvas
Living on the edge of the forest in Quinninup, my garden paths meander amongst the trees, I have a close relationship with the environment. However I am also aware of the threat it represents if there is a bush fire. prescribed/controlled burn offs are to reduce the build up of fuel on the forest floor, and is a safety precaution, and also an opportunity for forest growth. It is this process that inspired After the burn off in Quinninup. Although the fires are destructive there is also the beauty to be seen when the vegetation starts to re-grow, from the many greens and greys to stark blacks and then the new growth of the pink tinged shoots that spring out of the blackened tree trunks
 x 82
Exhibition : 
Art Award 2021
Location : 
Art Award Finalist
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