Australian Grass Tree
Oliver Anderson
Medium: timber/ wire sculpture
The Australian Grass Tree to me epitomises the Western Australian bush. It stands as an icon of the rough, unforgiving landscape that makes up such a large portion of the state. As of late there seems to me a resurgence of interest in the tree by a whole range of demographics. After a drive across Perth I noticed the plant utilised in freeway median strips, council building gardens, suburban roundabouts and within modern, architecturally designed courtyards.Growing up on a farm in Kojonup Western Australia I have always been fascinated by both the native flora I'm constantly surrounded by as well as the rusted scrap materials found in and around farm workshops. My motivation for this piece was to create something desirable out of materials that are considered worthless and tossed aside to landfill. The hardy wire, timber and scrap that has been assembled to produce the sculpture was collected from the Australian bush where it sat for decades. The robust nature of the materials as well as the iconic symbol of the Grass Tree work in collaboration to represent the harsh, unforgiving landscapes of rural Australia.
150 CM x
 170 CM