Banksy Photobombs Margaret
Miranda Free
Medium: oil on aluminium
Several influences are evident in this still life painting that refers to the indomitable Margaret Olley, famed for her beautiful still life works. She is a huge inspiration to me and hence I have placed my arrangement on a book of her work. For this piece I used two delft ware vases that belonged to my mother (also Margaret) as I am fond of referring to items of personal history in my works and linking them to current preoccupations – in this case the form of local flora, dramatically lit to create interesting shadows. The happenstance of a sticker of one of Banksy’s works on my studio wall meant that he inveigled his way into this work. As I principally work from life, I found it hard to resist including this Banksy image (that is somewhat reminiscent of photobombers) in this exploration of a dramatic but contemplative work where I remember my long gone mother whose ashes reside in a bush setting far from here though close to where Margaret Olley spent her later years in Sydney.
30.5 CM x
 40.6 CM