Banshee- Ban Sith
Ella Allen
Medium: mixed
I’m fascinated by the psychology of relationships. Relationships between people,relationships of people to their environment, relationships of people to their beliefsystems.Banshee- Ban Sith is a work about all of these relationships. The title harks back toCeltic culture and refers to a being with supernatural power to foretell death andcommunicate it to the living by a mournful keening or wailing. Banshee- Ban Sithintends to highlight the precarious balance between humans and nature. Thebanshee cry is from the natural environment we live in; particularly in a profligatefirst-world culture, only recently coming to terms with the global human impact onnature, deforestation, waste and recycling.Banshee- Ban Sith uses plant fibres, flax thread and eucalyptus nuts to create a two-part form woven together in an unlikely marriage. I am committed to using local floracollected from the detritus on verges and streetscapes. This use of recycled anddiscarded plant material creates a dynamic conversation between the abandonedunvalued and the valued created form, to provide a space of hope.
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