Anastasija Komarnyckyj
Medium: oil on birchwood
In the midst of a global pandemic and uncertain times emotional vulnerability prevails. Climate change and the plight of refugees in many war torn countries expand the fragile nature of our vision of future. Although managing extremely well initially, I noted elements of the collective environmental and emotional landscape seep into my work; fragility, brokenness and searching posed unanswerable questions. A sense of future has become more complex to imagine. As a result I am reminded of the gift of each new day. Each day I wake with an opportunity to be the best version of who I am. Some days I am presented with a spectrum of opportunities to be mindful and present to others. Other days I work alone and, am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to explore and engage with ideas: manifestations of how I see the world, albeit a meager glimpse. Difficult times are often restorative and can be followed by opportunities for new beginnings. Beauty is ever-present in the ordinary if we dare to look. We each have a capacity to enlarge and enhance the vision of our future world; see and engage, offer the uniqueness of who you are.
106 CM x
 80 CM