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Breathe Darling
Alice Alder
Medium: oil on canvas (diptych)
“Breathe, Darling” a message we all need to see during these troubled times. Alder creates an atmospheric scene that gives the viewer a chance to not be told what to see; but rather a chance to feel. Inspired by the aim to evoke an emotional connection, through washes of oil paint, to her creations. Alder’s work gives an impression of what could be, rather than what is. Using a Diptych has given more space to follow a seasonal change; as our minds calm, the scene no longer is viewed like a coming storm, but rather a natural change from start to end. Alder believes all art is conceptual and invites the viewers to feel their own fleeting memories of space, rather than being told what to see.
 x 50
Exhibition : 
Art Award 2021
Location : 
Art Award Finalist
Price: $1280

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