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Cat & Peacock, Ludlow
Debbie Oakley
Medium: oil on canvas
The ancient, remnant tuart forest of Ludlow is a beautiful, but forgotten and somewhat neglected place that lies between Busselton and Capel. It is a narrow tract of land, bordered by roads and farmland, a transitional space that has been reworked and colonised by feral species. These species, many being toxic and invasive, outcompete the native flora and fauna, upsetting the natural balance in this delicate ecosystem. Through my work, I aim to provoke the viewer to consider these issues, plus, capture the look and feel of the tuart forest, an eeriness that is almost tactile. The couch, inspired by Henri Rouseau’s ‘The Dream’, a metaphor for the encroachment of human activity on the forest.
 x 95
Exhibition : 
Art Award 2021
Price: $1750

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