Karina Buckingham
Medium: oil on board
Karina Buckingham is passionate about oil paint, and the parks and coastline which make life in Western Australia so unique. She is devoted to memorizing and documenting the places she walks in each day, as a means of immortalizing its visual beauty and the sense of well-being it evokes. Karina’s fascination with the paint’s physicality and mark making techniques marry with her investigations into the use of perspective, to enhance the sense of calm and contentment aroused by a familiar place. Karina’s memories of walks along the Cape to Cape Track have informed her choice of colours, shapes and textures to create an image that is reminiscent of this stunning coastline. The work evolved over several weeks, with many layers of thick paint and glazes being rubbed, scratched, scraped and sanded back, to build a unique surface of organic textural marks.
40 CM x
 40 CM