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Coolbaroo (Magpie)
Mandy White
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Coolbaroo is a Yamatj word for the magpie. On Noongar country the magpie is known as Kulbardi. Mandy loves Coolabaroos. She has a family of them that regularly visit her front yard, looking to cadge a feed. Her Nana would also wild magpies every day... the maggies would make a big noisy fuss for food at her kitchen window. The Coolbaroo is special to Mandy because it's the name of the black and white dance club that her mum and Nana Monica used to attend in their younger days. The Coolbarroo Club was just outside the City of Perth Exclusion zone. It was an escape from the apartheid style rules imposed on Aboriginal people. If Mandy were to have a totem - the Coobaroo would be it.
 x 120
Exhibition : 
Art Award 2021
Location : 
Art Award Finalist
Price: 1100

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