Displacement: By The Seashore
Silvana Ferrario
Medium: glass
I worked in the subsea industry for 30 years as an engineer, before becoming a glass maker. I am keenly aware of the impact development has on the environment. In recent times, developments must consider and reduce their environmental impact, but as the world grows and we use more resources, the impact on the environment is ever increasing. My first works reflected this issue and I continue to revisit the subject, as in this piece. This work represents a subsea pipeline which carries oil and gas from locations of up to 1500m water depth. It is in the shape of half a pipeline but the glass represents the underwater environment that is displaced by the pipeline rather than the pipeline itself, the environment making way for development. The blue of the water is transparent and lets the light transmit through it, as does the sea. The seabed is made with opaque glass that reflects the light. The use of opaque and transparent glass shows light in its many forms. The patterns of the light on the water and seabed are incorporated into the piece.
27 CM x
 53 CM