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Martine Perret
Medium: giclee fine art archivable photographic print
My name is Dwardinan, I am a Dordenup Wardandi matriarch Elder of the South West of Western Australia. My tribal area is Wardandi country. My totems are the black cockatoo and the grey kangaroo. My dreaming is the snake dreaming and my personal totem is the black swan. I was born in Busselton in Wardan country and I have lived here all my life. We are the keepers of the spirit pathway into the afterlife – we believe in the spirit world that lies under the ocean to the west called ‘Koranup’; we are caretakers of that path way. It is a very important role for us and it comes above everything else, material and monetary. It is the most important thing for us....
 x 120
Exhibition : 
Art Award 2021
Location : 
Art Award Finalist
Price: $1790

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