Ever Yours, Alice
Alice Alder
Medium: oil on canvas
"Ever Yours, Alice" captures a fleeting moment of a storm ripping across the sea. Every second of every storm is different; but when the light breaks through the clouds a silver aura is always present. Although storms are perceived as a longing for the end, I capture the hope that comes during the breaking strikes of destruction. Everything in life must, eventually, come to an end. Otherwise nothing new would ever start. Although the painting depicts luminous tones of a closing storm, it actually shows the light of a new beginning. Like any weather change, my oil painting is built on ever growing layers of light washes. Over time these layers form the dark richness on the ripping tides and bountiful clouds. Life is full of fleeting moments that correlate into a grand plan. I endeavour to capture these moments of one location over multiple times. What you see in "Ever Yours, Alice" is several seasonal changes rolled into one indomitable storm. Most importantly, in my work, is that I do not strive to create an obvious seascape, but rather to reflect the raw emotion of Mother Nature. Showing the rawness of life as birth or dissolving.
92 CM x
 120 CM