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Everything Must Go
Melissa Cameron
Medium: sculpture - recycled steel sales rack, stainless steel
I found the green rack abandoned on my street, an artifact of the capitalist system, made obsolete. Seeing it, I sensed its opportunity. Hey, I’m inside the system. The logic for the neckpieces came from the rack. Designed to hold 16 types of the same object, plus a sign, its parameters were easy to parody. The neckpieces are made from individual subtracted rows and arms of the rack. Each is 80cm circumference and unique as the lengths of the green links change in each one, and the leftover from that row or arm was used to create the adorning tassels. Each neckpiece is different, yet each holds the same amount of green. And there’s still a place to display the works. Thanks Capitalism!
 x 90
x 20
Exhibition : 
Art Award 2021
Price: $8000

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