Flame On Burn Desire
Jude Willis
Medium: acrylic and pastel on canvas
Jude Willis is a Western Australian artist who works out of studios in Fremantle and the Ferguson Valley. In her work, she references the everchanging relationship between observation and invention, memory, beauty and patterns in nature.The multilayered, poetic painting style infused with tangles of lines, strokes and marks (some spontaneous, some careful and following observation) reflect her response to the history and soul of a place as well as an awareness of the movement of the trees, the rippling of the grass, the sound of the wind and the crunch of foliage underfoot. It is a multisensory record of what it feels like to be in a place at a particular moment in time.Importantly, it is also a homage to the fragility of Australia’s natural ecologies and the ever-present dangers of further environmental degradation.
76 CM x
 61 CM