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Floating In The Breeze Of Unseen Current
Clare Hamilton
Medium: watercolour, ink and gold leaf
A meld of familiar objects and organic patterns - things seen, remembered or imagined. Illustrative whilst evoking symbolism through the subject matter. The Jellyfish symbolise flow, survival, instinct, movement and simplicity. They tell us to let life guide us naturally whilst endeavouring to illuminate the unknown & navigate a path. The ocean is life and it must learn to ride the waves in order to succeed. Like humans transitioning the complexities of the world. The intricacy/complexity of the world represented by the reef, the jellyfish giving a sense of lightness that comes from casting off. I evoke this symbolism by interweaving of textures/colour - using watercolour, ink & gold leaf.
 x 59
Exhibition : 
Art Award 2021
Price: $1000

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