Geographe Bay Series 2020
Alison Brown
Medium: ceramic
My work references the ocean and its varying environment. Some of the work is the macro gaze – for example the “Sunrise” and “Sunset” series – which is as I see it as I walk along the beach. The other works are from a micro aspect, where I’ zoom in’ to the finer details around me. Being a beachcomber, I collect fragments of the detritus and degraded shells along the tideline which are then used to impress images onto a trailed clay surface. The low profile plate forms offer a particularly good form for this approach as do the tall elliptical vessels and Dome forms. Each tell a story of imagined fossil and skeletal like forms.These works are each completely spontaneous in their expression and therefore are totally unique, taking many hours each to create and assemble. A new series developed recently, are objects I have collected and slip cast. Things like ceramic forms, rocks, seed pods and found material that are assembled and presented as sculptures . The idea is to appreciate these pieces in an altered concept from their original context.
~ 80Cm (Measurements In Reference To 5-Piece Installation Of Works) CM x
 ~40Cm CM