Tony Davis
Medium: steel , wood , lace
An important feature of C. Y. O'cconor's engineering feat , the Golden Pipeline to the eastern goldfields , was the pumping stations . Gilgai / Number 7 Pumping Station , because of its isolation , was unaffectionately referred to as " Siberia " by its attending community . In 1936 , a Mrs Wall received word of her husbands transfer to No 6 Pump close to Southern Cross . Her daughter Rose wrote , " .... our dear Mother sat down and wept .... For 25 years she had gallantly fought the adversities of " Siberia " , but now with the prospect of being close to doctors , schools and shops a reality , all her emotions came to the surface . So with great joy and anticipation we moved to No 6 . "Very little remains of Gilgai today . The original Locking Bar Pipe entrenched in the earth was replaced in the 1930's by an above ground pipe , having suffered severe corrosion from both within and out .Inspired thus , using pipe salvaged from the site , I have created a minimalist masculine / industrial form tempered with a slither of lace , a window into the lives of these pioneer women and their role in creating homes despite adversity .
40 CM x
 70 CM