Karen-Prakhoff Rickman
Medium: monoprint: etching ink and cold wax on rag paper mounted on aluminium
Hope' is from my recent body of work commenced during COVID lockdown, shortly after the horrendous summer bush fires. It is my reaction to a world turned upside down.We are inextricable linked with the environment and specific aspects of landscapes resonate with our memories and thoughts. My art practice centres around the exploration of the monoprint and palmipest landscape as evocation. Monoprinting is ideally suited to this deliberate overwriting of images, with each layer altering the previous state, simultaneously creating and denying form. This process is integral to both the aesthetics and meaning of the work. It speaks of personal and collective memory; faint, forgotten or altered recollections. I use my photographs of landscape fragments as inspiration - particularly the texture, shapes and colours of trees. I create ambiguous, evocative landscapes as a personal reflection on memory, time, loss and hope. The open nature of my work encourages the viewer to seek their own memories and meaning.
75 CM x
 75 CM