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Hutt Lagoon 1
Claire Lawson
Medium: monotype print - charbonnel ink and pigment on fabriano paper
These are the hues of the land I love Dorothea MacKellar And there, just as the final rays of daylight break through the low curtain of heavy cloud, lies the pink lake. Soft tones of blush lap gently against the shore, while scattered shadows of rosier hues suggest gifts yet to come. Imagine then, the shock of a bright new day, bringing dazzling sunshine and startling magenta. Hutt Lagoon, just north of Geraldton, is the world's largest microalgae production plant. The naturally occurring carotenoid producing algae is farmed in man-made pools to be used in cosmetics and as food colouring. Viewed from above the ever changing colours are extraordinary and hypnotic.
 x 70
Exhibition : 
Art Award 2021
Price: $950

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