Imagination Land
Hannah Wainwright
Medium: acrylic paint
The act of imagination opens us to endless possible vistas.It challenges our fundamental beliefs, expands horizons and alters preconceived reality. If they need, ones life can be changed by imagining, feeling and acting. Art is many a thing and for me it is to exercise the ineffable imaginative capacity we behold. Generally speaking as adults we sometimes put aside this fragment of our being. My artwork is an amalgamation of my recent homecoming to Busselton.I instantly felt this wave of peace and rush of creative force within and birthed this piece.Made of acrylic paint, trust and dedication. New candles were lit in my artist eyes. The story is a portal to the present moment I created it in, an ode to the past that fed the present and a delightful dream of the future. The oranges are a symbol of creative zest. The clock whispers 'take your time, but do not waste your time'. I hope my art gifts you wonder as you look upon life. From Old Mate Waino
70.5 CM x
 101 CM