Interior With Yellow Chair
Jennifer Loverock
Medium: oil and charcoal over acrylic
My current art practice rests upon my own personal intimate domestic environment and is thereby Intimist in genre. Intimism is a French term applied to paintings and drawings of quiet domestic scenes: it is also a way of closing out the outside world. Very handy during Covid. Over the last decade I have developed the tendency to under draw the painted image as a completed drawing. There is an immediacy in drawing, an appealing simplicity in the use of the charcoal line that is integral to my approach to my work. Overlaid with colour, the gestural nature of the interwoven lines develop a sense of space, drawing the viewer to enter into and explore the world created. The charcoal line while dark and at times marked with force is vulnerable and suggestive. Like wise colour is chosen to reflect a mood . The rendered content hinted at and displaced. The work tells a story if the viewer wishes to delay a while to find it.
91Cm CM x
 121Cm CM