Jolieske & Marijke
Damien Goerke
Medium: graphite, charcoal and watercolour
Just over a year ago I completed a self portrait called Primary. It explored one of the biggest moments in my life; after half a life living with a debilitating heart condition, it had finally been cured and I felt as though I got to start again. I have since decided that I want to see if I can portray impactful moments in other people’s lives, too.This is my first pursuit of that idea. Marijke, an artist in her own right, lost her sister Jolieske to suicide in 2016. Jolieske was a milliner and the mask depicted in my work was one she had made. Both Marijke and I feel strongly that death, and particularly suicide should be talked about far more than they are, Marijke explores the theme of grief extensively in her own work. The reference photo for my work was one of the first I took and I didn't think anything of it until I saw at it again later. I realised it looked like Jolieske was there in the room with us, as though Marijke had heard or felt her spirit. I believe I got to capture that moment here, and will be forever honoured to be part of it.
42 CM x
 30 CM