Kimberley Calling
Suzanna Hay
Medium: watercolour
Once visited the Kimberley leaves a lasting impression. Parts of the soaring red clifftops along the King George River are of cultural significance to the Balanggarra people. Watercolour paint is both my enchantress and tormentor. Water brings this transparent medium to life and it can bloom, blend and bleed in the most magical fashion. My paintings start with an initial wash using the four colours I have chosen for the whole piece. Sadly some paintings start and end right at this stage. But if the magic happens, then it’s happy dance time and the painting takes on a life of its own. I mostly let the pigments blend on the paper. After letting the first wash do its thing, I gradually move to more and more controlled techniques and love to add fine detail that will reward the intimate viewer.It’s the scale of the northern Australian landscape that makes my heart skip a beat. Our skies are bigger here. Our red outback dirt stretches on forever. At once it makes you feel small and insignificant but at the same time your spirit soars to fill the space.
110 CM x
 80 CM