Jacinda Bayne
Medium: oil on canvas
I first captured this intriguing landscape in watercolour. The elements within this landscape inspired me to record the recent fall of rocks and debris down the steep bank, into the crystal-clear river, exposing a stark contrast in colour. I thought about how the landforms that we see are carved out by the elements over millions of years; this was an insignificant event in the earth’s geological timeline, but I felt compelled to capture this beautiful moment in time. The raw colour of the soil and gravel would soon fade, and blend in with the rest of the landscape. I sketched the composition in the colour of the red exposed earth, building up the texture of the land and translucence of the water through numerous glazes and mark making. I use this technique as if to create a tapestry of colour - weaving opaque paint within thin veils of colour.
115 CM x
 90 CM