Listen Louder
Fiona Gavino
Medium: relief with handmade grass typography over digital print on cotton rag
I have been using basket making materials and techniques for the last 24 years, for the last few years I have gathered and hunted words and phrases and wanting to stay true to my practice I began to weave my own typography from matt rust (Lomandra longifolia). These woven letters are then inked up and ran through the press merging the genres of basketry with printmaking.I captured this phrase when attending a talk by Glenn Iseger-Pilkington, Yamatji man, artist and curator, one the images he showed was an image out bush juxtaposed with an image of Perth city skyline - the text underneath read 'you are always on country'. I loved it the honest quite truth just below the surface of the mainstream that is always there. First Nation peoples have a rightful place in influencing the social and political culture of mainstream Australia. How can we acknowledge Indigenous knowledge systems and create openings so this can occur and be embedded in contemporary Australian culture?
119.5 Cm CM x
 100 Cm CM