Nature'S Hug
Lisa Guthrie
Medium: acrylic paint
‘Nature’s Hug’ evolved when I relocated to the South-west with my family to a small forest town which maintains its traditional values and timeless unconventional lifestyle. The strong sense of community, inclusion and acceptance impacted our lives and enhanced my desire and courage to paint authentically. Immersed in my new surroundings I often reflect on the contrast from city to forest, obviously the city has certain advantages for many people however as ‘Nature’s Hug’ depicts the lady featured, is in search of a peaceful organic life in which, self-expression and thought-provoking creativity emerge instinctively. A journey home from the city allows a transition from agitation to relaxation along country roads, leading up to the forest and gaining a sense of being hugged by nature and nurtured in the surroundings of the forest. Palette knife techniques denote the stark buildings in the city, whilst the trees have been painted by brush strokes using warm tones to create a deep connection intertwining between the lady and the forest. The personal value the forest holds is indicative of the large scale of trees shown in her vision.
61Cm - Including Frame 77 Cm CM x
 50.5 - Including Frame 66.5 CM