Old Beverly Road
Mikaela Casdtledine
Medium: crochet cotton on canvas
This work explores the return to places as an adult that were important to you as a child. The Old Beverly Road runs past the farm where I was born and the paddocks, granite outcrops, dams and trees depict the landscape of my childhood. making with your fingers, a landscape that has been known to your eye and your feet is a way of reinforcing deep connections to that land. The painstaking hand stitched recreation of this landscape is a mnemonic, a paean to my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents who farmed in this district, my child self who became estranged from it, and my adult self who looks back with nostalgia. Humans are essentially haptic beings - we learn through touch, it helps us to think, to code, to connect. If touch lives on surfaces like a hardy microorganism then craft is a battery, a library of touch, where we store the data of being human. Crochet in particular, where every millimeter of every thread has been drawn across the fingers, is a repository of knowledge, of the craft itself and of every thought that passed through the mind of the maker during the process of making.
51Cm CM x
 51Cm CM