Poetry Of Place
Leonie-Ngahuia Mansbridge
Medium: acrylic paint
Mansbridge has a PhD from Curtin University. Her research is an investigation of living as a Māori/Pākehā, criss-crossing a cultural Corridor. As a visual artist for over twenty years Mansbridge uses her art as a tool to engage with issues around colonisation and identity. Languages of materials, along with titles are used to interpret her work. Mansbridge uses the capacity to re-story, highlight, and unmask colonial history. Through an understanding of how materials and artefacts have a language that is anchored to cultural histories, Mansbridge repurpose significant material, like the re-using of art works that have been encased by the gold frame. These help to question cemented colonial histories. Mansbridge is a story teller with her creative arts practice is an important aspect of her storying. Landscape alongside culture has been an object of study. Mansbridge creates the juxtaposing of colour and things entangle the work so we see what others do not. The resultant artworks are conceptual, offering a minimal and often colourful presentation to the audience, and the continually of visual irony that distils her practice.
69.5 CM x
 60 CM