Pushing The Sky Away
Belinda Birchall
Medium: charcoal on cotton rag paper
This is a charcoal drawing on cotton rag paper of the sky over Point Daking and Point Dalling in Dunsborough during Winter. ‘Pushing the sky away’ represents the sublime and wonder of nature in this small corner of Western Australia. Every evening we walk our dogs along the beach and every evening the bay looks completely different. I am interested in representing the beauty of this coast in all weather systems particularly now as we are living through this time of deep uncertainty. ‘Pushing the sky away’ represents this overwhelming sensation of something much greater than us all.The process for this work involved drawing and scrubbing charcoal dust into the fibres of the cotton rag support, building up many layers and at the same time erasing and adding more dust which ultimately allowed the clouds to finally be revealed.
121 CM x
 81 CM