Running With The Wolves
Linda Fardoe
Medium: giclee on canson paper
“Running With The Wolves” is a work inspired by my 2019 Donnelly River Village forest A.I.R. in Southern WA and some Tasmanian holiday photos a friend sent to me. On one occasion when I went walking and sketching in the Karri forest, I lost my way. The magical quietness and sense of peace dramatically changed when the sun faded along with any sense of direction. Alone in the forest with no phone or notion of where I was provoked panic and thoughts of folk tales and the Brothers Grimm. This state of mind stayed with me. I had hoped to travel to Tasmania in 2020 but travel restrictions led me to travel vicariously in the form of drawing from the photographs of my friend’s Tasmanian rain forests travels. My lost in the forest experience and her images became entwined in my mind. I created two archival ink drawings, each 150cm x 30cm. One entitled “Mindscape” the other “Vicarious Journey”. From these works I selected sections and digitally manipulated them adding the wolves to create the Giclee “Running With The Wolves”.
88 CM x
 69 CM