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Nazila Jahangir Anbardan
Medium: oil on canvas
SCREAM is from my collection titled Forget Me Not! In this collection, I am creating a series of botany paintings that celebrate WA native flowers. Being loyal to an accurate anatomical presentation of the plant, I take the freedom to experiment with unexpected contexts and stories, playing with the notion of what is human and what is nonhuman. The sexless hybrid creature in the foreground of this painting is composed of a Shy Sun Orchid flower and a human leg. The coupling is hidden by a red tablecloth. The story took place in a room decorated with ordinary objects. In the right corner of the room, a male devil is emerging from the darkness. That is when my human-flower starts to SCREAM.
 x 45.72
Exhibition : 
Art Award 2021
Location : 
Art Award Finalist
Price: $2000

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