Separately Together
Lynne-Mitchell Denise-Gillies
Medium: printmaking based mixed media
Collaborative Artwork statement by Lynne Mitchell and Denise Gillies:As experienced printmakers and mixed media artists we have been exhibiting and working collaboratively together for several years.This piece began with our discussions around the devastating weather events we were witnessing everywhere earlier this year. In preparation we each selected several of our individual artworks, previously made using a range of printmaking techniques. Using portions of these we started constructing a combined artwork based around our concerns for the environment. When Covid disrupted all our lives in ways we could not have previously imagined, our focus then shifted to include its effect with these other climatic events in our collaboration. We then deconstructed our artworks by tearing them into strips and fragments and mixed all these torn pieces together. Then we reassembled and collaged them into this final piece, placing a sheer fabric veil over it all. This collaborative artwork is our response to the fractured and reassembled world we now live in.
38 CM x
 45 CM