Sheila And Bruce'S Departure Was Tinged With Sadness
Robert Ewing
Medium: acrylic on linen
I have sought to present a pictorial manifestation of something peculiar. The artwork is primarily a landscape expressive of an Australian vernacular. It is a place where the unknown is combined with a sense of expectation within a landscape(ish) setting. The viewer is invited to consider a dramatic landscape composition determined by the confines of the present. The artwork exists for its own sake, confronting and uncompromising in its directness. Technically, aesthetic aspects relative to perspective and landscape form a theatrical backdrop for an interplay between the main protagonists occupying the foreground of the composition. These are provocative shapes, confronting in their strangeness and suggest anthropomorphic qualities of gender association. The title of the artwork references a transient narrative for an ever-changing environment. Our protagonists, Sheila and Bruce, exist as intrinsically intertwined personifications of their time. They are placed within the context of the viewer’s perception and unashamedly occupy centre stage in the dramatic expression of the artwork.
137 CM x
 110 CM