Staring At Stardust (2)
Kay Wood
Medium: acrylic on canvas
My works are all painted straight onto the canvas with minimal organisation and with each colour and shape calling the next forth. An unfinished, chaotic feel can exist. There is little in the way of narrative or descriptive devices. Chaos and order are two currents running through all my work. In general our tendency is to change chaos, to manage and direct (via language and other epistemological structures) with the expectation of knowing and ordering. In order we think of beauty, quietude and so on. Ironically, for me, chaos (including that of life - the physical and psychological as well as the past and the present) can hold within itself a beauty - rough though it may be - that emerges from stepping back, doing less, describing less, but looking more closely. The work is unashamedly an avowal of the value of sense perception and the link between our creative unconscious and natural fractals of the universe. The visible surfaces of every thing in our world contain within the metaphysical invisible - that source that exists outside language, codes and structures of knowing, but to which we are all connected.
90 CM x
 120 CM