The Civility Of French Earl Grey At 4Pm Was Escaping
Jenny Potts-Barr
Medium: digital drawing on paper, framed
‘The civility of french earl grey at 4pm was escaping’ presents a scene of inundation, where the wild and the domestic are juxtaposed within the confines of my seaside shacks’ 1970’s interior. A shack is a permeable structure, the walls are thin, the windows whistle and the separation between inhabitant and the weather feels fragile. There are daily reminders of an active nature and your small place as an emotional human in it. With 'The civilty..' I constructed an image to reflect how nature provides the metaphors and poetry for our internal experiences, alluding to both loss and yearning, and to show my own efforts to balance the constructs of human life with the wildness beyond my door. My art practice combines the narrative qualities of drawing with digital technology to create visual stories. ‘The civility…’ is one of twenty-four digital drawings within the ‘This Hopeful Shack’ series, where the images and writings combined humour, observation, poetry and mark-making to explore contemporary relationships between people and Nature.
110 CM x
 110 CM