The Endangered'
Kayla Mcmillan
Medium: sakura micron pigma fineliner
The idea for ‘The Endangered’ stem’s back to my own developing practice, incorporating native animals with another element. In this case native Ghost gum tree leaves. I create whimsical black & white (Monochrome) 2D drawings using fineliner ink pens.Using hatching and layering to create the delicate detailing throughout the fur of the Bilby, Rufous hare-Wallaby & Northern Quoll showing tonal variations. The technique Stippling, I have used to form the Gum leaves creating shading & depth, differentiating the darker & lighter areas of the leaves.The night sky as the background creates a floating like effect giving the gum leaves & animals a sense of fragility. Having the Bilby, Rufous Hare-Wallaby, & Northern Quoll in a fetal position shows that they are defenseless & there for showing their vulnerability. In this piece the Gum leaves branch out connecting to one another, there connection being endangered Native Australian animalsThrough this work my hope is that the audience/viewers feel a connection & gain a greater appreciation for Australia’s native flora & fauna that nurtures a want to preserve & protect.
73Cm CM x
 39.3Cm CM