The Memory
Laura Griffith
Medium: graphite, oil and acrylic on canvas
My art practice typically explores themes of female identity through figurative work. My current work “The Memory” was made in reflection upon returning home from a fifteen month caravan journey around Australia with my husband and young daughter. I am interested in the calming and healing responses within people when we connect with, and completely immerse ourselves in the natural world.The mediums and composition chosen for this artwork were intended to invoke the aesthetic of fragmented memory, of a time passed. “She is in the wind, in the grains of red dirt under her bare feet, she is quiet, listening, gently swaying with the leaves on the trees. She is in the softly dimming last rays of sunlight, she is bird song, she is a warm fire flickering under a sky of a million stars. In this moment, in this place, she is connected to all that is around her.”
101 CM x
 101 CM