The National Cabinet Of Super Heroes
Penelope Elliott
Medium: wool, wire on wooden base
My current work explores the relationship between Australian animals and humans. After the recent disastrous fires and the latest human pandemic it seems that creatures on Earth are all in trouble.These thoughts led me to the birth of the idea of a SUPER HERO. Super heroes are allegorical figures that are larger than humanity itself, and are on Earth to fight evil and protect all. They have exceptional powers to accomplish good deeds. Out of this notion came my hybrid creatures, half animals and half humans or therianthropic beings. Many cultures use animal imagery which embody their particular gods or spirits. The characteristics of the particular creatures often point to a law or virtue aspired to, revered or emulated in some way.My NATIONAL CABINET is based on the Australian States and Territories. Wool and wire enable me to sculpt my figures with animal and clothed appearances.Some heroes wear extreme body protection in their endeavours, meeting together to right the wrongs on Earth. They stand at the ready, pointing the way to a super, invigorated future.
100Cms CM x
 5.5 Cms CM