The Rescue
Julie Fowell
Medium: acrylic and mixed media on canvas
Through recent trying times the pressures of daily life have been strained and tumultuous for many. "The Rescue" is a painting derived from automatic painting, drawing straight into the canvas. The painting process is a release from and expression of internal pressures and stress. Automatic painting allows emotion and thought to take place in a subliminal way. In this painting I started with a bright pink optimistic candy coloured background which allowed space for blank thought, just application of the colour, breaking the white space. Colour theory of Johannes Itten explored the emotion and personality of the painter through colour mixing. This is my expression of colour mixing and fluidity of the moment. Movement, forms, shapes collide and address each other. A conversation starts and somehow meanings come out from these forms. Differing from viewer to viewer. My imaginings from these forms sees a rescue, as I feel rescued through this process, from the underlying stresses of daily life. In a tumultuous time in our history, painting has given me this escape.
61Cm CM x
 61Cm CM