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The Waterway
Leanne White
Medium: oil on canvas
The Waterway' is not a depiction of a iconic waterscape but rather of a drain area where the water is collected from numerous spillways, filling only in winter. At this time the waterway is beautiful, a static mirror of the winter sky. As the drain dries it becomes a black sodden bog and then eventually a cracked patch of earth refusing even the most ardent of grasses. No doubt it is spoiled land, holding toxicity from the roads and other drains. In this dry state semi submerged refuse can be seen. In this dry state no none gives the waterway a second glance. It is a place to be ignored or if seen forgotten. The waterway wilts, then waits for it's winter glory when it will glow.
 x 82
Exhibition : 
Art Award 2021
Location : 
Art Award Finalist
Price: $1200

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