To Connect With You Is Life
Heidi Mullender
Medium: oil on stretched canvas
This piece depicts Honeycomb Beach as experienced in early morning light as Heidi sat and meditated. It seeks to convey passion for life and land, reconnection with self and others and the contemplation of life's purpose, arriving at a deep a sense of place and belonging. Heidi’s creative expression focuses on compositions of still life and landscapes local to her home. A self-taught artist, (apart from brief tuition from a family friend who studied under a member of the Twenty Melbourne Painter’s society), she works primarily in oils with a Tonal Impressionist technique to capture light and mood. Her painting style is very active; walking back, squinting, blocking in tones and shapes without drawing. She relishes the chance to paint en plein air to capture the world as she sees it. Heidi uses a range of tools; some works completed with only a palette knife. Her work is realistic from a distance and painterly with deliberate texture when viewed up close. Heidi’s paintings exhibit a long-standing interest in the relationship between light and shadow, as well as a person’s connection to place and the emotions raw nature evolve.
130Cm CM x
 90Cm CM