Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow
Marjan Bakhtiarikish
Medium: oil on canvas
This painting came about as part of a series of paintings resulting from my ongoing fascination with Rembrandt’s luscious late painting technique. The painting was also informed by my admiration for timeless Renaissance portraits of the Old Masters examined during my years of studies at academies in Florence, Italy. The timeless portrait attempts to go beyond the particular individual and address all humanity through an idealization that would embrace archetypal human emotions. The image of the child emerges like an apparition out of the mists of time and space. A sense of awareness and foreboding of a future unknown may enshroud her as she stands in the evening of her childhood. Scrapings of palette knife, pushing the bristles around, dragging, sculpting, building and building layers, at times removing; all helped express her innocence, fragility and yet her emerging inner strength and resolution. In this age of uncertainty, I believed this rough but subtle, ancient language of painting could best evoke the mystical presence of Hope.
60 CM x
 90 CM