Too Connected
Chloe Baigent
Medium: stoneware clay
‘TOO CONNECTED’This piece represents the need to disconnect more often… especially from our devices.As an artist I like to take the opportunity to highlight need for positive change in both my myself and the wider society. One realisation that has come to light this year amongst all the drama of 2020 is that the further we get through the Decades the less opportunity there is in our lives for an empty mind, keeping us from having a positive and realistic outlook on life.I invite the viewers to reflect on their connection to their phone and the number of notifications they respond to a day, how much is it weighing you down and preventing you from achieving mindful tasks?This Sculpture is constructed over 4 sessions and fired a number of times before adding more links to the chain, hand built with stoneware clay using the slab, coil and pinch method then carved and coloured with glazes to resemble the many applications on our devices that constantly steal our attention from real life.
40Cm CM x
 8.5Cm CM