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Upon Which Tide Did I Blow In?
Jenny Potts Barr
Medium: drawing-work on paper
‘Upon which tide…’ is a vector drawing completed in Adobe Draw and printed onto paper. This work, from a series, depicts a shellwork doll in an imagined landscape surrounded by scattered shell specimens. The drawing was begun in situ at the Bellview Shell Collection, located in the South West WA. The first words depicted are reprimands said to the artist as a child from her Scottish Family. As an artist I’m interested in motion vs stillness in the pictorial space and use linework, color fields, and narrative language in my drawings to create visual narratives. Here, this approach, lightheartedly explores inherited superstition and comparisons of a womans behaviour as akin to ‘Nature’.
 x 85
Exhibition : 
Art Award 2021
Price: $1150

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