Drawing in Space 
Mark Grey Smith

ArtGeo Gallery

Saturday 16 October 2021 10:00AM -
Sunday 14 November 2021 4:00PM
ArtGeo Gallery is proud to host senior art practitioner Mark Grey Smith.

Opening Friday 15 October at 6 PM, Mark is presenting 21 sculptures inspired by nature. His study of the patterns, forms, structure and mad stuff of nature have been the source for these small-scale works in clay, steel, plaster and paint.

“Time is precious. What you do with your time is important. I wanted to spend any time I have exploring, experimenting, expressing and displaying what I have learnt, experienced and felt from nature,” said Mark.  
Cuboid 6

Kaleidoscope by Jane Stone

ArtGeo Gallery

Saturday 04 September 2021 2:00PM - 
Saturday 04 September 2021

Jane Stone

nothing lasts, nothing is finished, nothing is perfect

An exhibition by Lorraine Frost of recent works including paintings, sculptures, life drawings, etchings, small soap stone pieces, wood, screen prints and a six foot high clay and tyre installation.

ArtGeo Gallery

Saturday 24 July 2021 2:00PM -
Sunday 29 August 2021 4:00PM
The installation has been created especially for this exhibition! Also on display will be the 'People of Busselton' captured in portraits during Lorraine's time as the artist in residence at ArtGeo.

nothing lasts - live in the moment
nothing is finished - keep open for new possibilities
nothing is perfect - it's an illusion in the eye of the beholder

Lorraine is an internationally accomplished artist whose work is of autobiographic nature, investigating human condition, connection, communication and intuition through play with rhythm, balance, space and materiality. Lorraine describes her works as architectural vessels of personal communication containing seeds of thought; driven by the currents and tides of life, anchoring concepts in reality.

She has worked across many oceans and has been an official sculptor representative for the United Kingdom at arts symposiums in Canada, USA, Germany, Norway and Finland. Her sculptures and paintings are part of several collections worldwide including commissioned works commemorating the 4oth year of reign of Queen Elizabeth II.
Lorraine Frost

In the Public Eye

Welcoming back the Busselton Pottery, the longest running pottery group in the region.

Bond Store
Thursday 17 June 10:00AM -Tuesday 20 July 4:00PM

Busselton Pottery is a friendly community group of enthusiastic potters, housed in the Old Butter Factory.

Artists include
Marcella Becker
Kaylene Brennan
Joan Davy
Ursula Fahrer
Geraldine Gamble
Trudie McCain
Susan Graf
Hazel Johnston
Lori Kitchin
Brigitta Kurmann
Robyn McClymont
Jacqueline Main
Carol Merrifield
Cass Neeling
Gillian Pratt
June Price
Lynne Rickard
Mirte van der Lugt
Shirley Vernon
Sandra Vernon Rose
Cynthia Williamson
Alexis Winch-Buist
Rie Yamagauchi
Serenity by Shirley Vernon

A Transient Landscape

An exhibition by Tania Spencer with two distinct bodies of work. One is a wiry immersive installation of menacing overgrown plants that have escaped the confines of the household garden into the southwest forests. The second rustic jewellery, wall works and sculptures reflecting the layers of impermanence of our impact on the landscape.

ArtGeo Gallery

Saturday 29 May 2021 10:00AM -
Sunday 18 July 2021 4:00PM 

On the Way Home Over Lake Evelyn

Nature’s Magic

This exhibition is based on my favourite subject, nature.
My first experience with painting was when I joined the Busselton Art Society Inc.2001 after completing Drawing and Illustration Techniques at Busselton T.A.F.E.
Bond Store 

Friday 14 May 2021 10:00AM - Tuesday 15 June 2021 4:00PM
Blue Wrens


A joint exhibition by Aileen Alder and Lesley Curtis featuring a mixture of pyrography, china painting and paintings.

Bond Store 

Friday 09 April 2021 10:00AM - 
Sunday 09 May 2021 4:00PM
Three Kookaburras

Caught in Time

Prior to moving to Busselton ten years ago, artist Vonne Mitchell was a curator and university arts lecturer. However shortly after moving, Vonne was involved in a motor cycle accident that left her brain damaged. Like so many accident victims, her life was turned upside down. She was left to re-learn nearly everything that was intrinsically her.

Bond Store 

Friday 05 March 2021 10:00AM -
Tuesday 06 April 2021 4:00PM
Sea Dragons and Others

A Brush with Water

An exhibition by the Fodder Arts Busselton including Lynne Boladeras, Rosie Johnston, Yvonne Johnston, Gwen Plumb, Deb Robins, Gay Scaddan, Chris Seatory, Elizabeth Staite

Fodder Room

Friday 29 January 2021 10:00AM -
Sunday 28 February 2021 4:00PM
Waves Away - Deb Robins

Double Act  
Elmari Steyn & Peter Zappa

The joint winners of the City of Busselton Art Award 2019, print maker Elmari Steyn and sculptor Peter Zappa, are presenting an exhibition entitled Double Act. 

ArtGeo Gallery

Friday 05 February 2021 10:00AM -
Sunday 07 March 2021 4:00PM
Transpose - Elmari Steyn

City of Busselton Art Award

The City of Busselton Art Award is open to all artists residing in Western Australia working in any medium or subject. Through this annual award, the City of Busselton aims to build a collection of contemporary Western Australian art and promote ArtGeo Gallery as an exhibition venue.
Overall Winner – Untitled, Christian Fletcher