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Castaway - After The Storm
Becky Austin
Medium: mixed media on board
I am awed by the vast space of the Australian landscape and the distant horizons of our coastlines. I use acrylics and mixed media to capture the movement and essence of places I love, the quiet rhythm, and the feelings they evoke. When painting Castaway - After the Storm, I was inspired by the beaches of Geographe Bay following a big winter blow. Found objects were used to print the handmade papers that make up a part of this work. I painted the calm following the storm and the myriad objects, shapes, and colours delivered upon the sands by the raging waves. I want the viewer to experience the power of the ocean, hear the rhythmic pounding of the waves and feel the sand beneath their feet.
 x 63
Exhibition : 
Art Award 2021
Price: $290

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