The Effects Of Water And Wind
Howard Worth
Medium: oil and acrylic on canvas
I photographed this amazingly twisted tree when my wife and I were visiting Canal Rocks. On leaving the rocks, we stopped at a lookout point where I had never been before and I took the opportunity to walk to the edge of the drop to the beach in order to photograph the waves breaking in the small cove below. That was when I saw the tree. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a twisted tree, doubling back on itself in the most remarkable contortions, resembling some kind of figure climbing the slope, trying to escape the constant onslaught of wind blasting in from the open ocean. It had obviously been scorched and blackened at some time, and the remaining surfaces were either deeply furrowed or stripped of bark to reveal the weathered sapwood. I love to work with heavily textured oil and acrylic paints, so its distorted shape and variety of textures, contrasting with the surrounding foliage and the sea and sky beyond really appealed to me.
126 CM x
 126 CM